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Tiny Tigers 5-6 yrs

Tiny Tigers Program (5-6 years old)

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Our Martial Arts program for kids is the best way to get started on a wonderful journey.  Studies have shown that constant practice of the Martial Arts from a verBuddiesy young age has allowed millions of individuals to become more focused, disciplined, respectful, and able to control their emotions, even in stressful situations.

This program focuses on the basics of all Martial Arts: stances, blocks, hand strikes and grabs, kicks and footwork.  Kempo Karate, which is the style primarily used in this program, combines the best of Karate, Kung Fu, and Jiu-Jitsu, in order to teach your children the best way to defend themselves, and to become much more well-rounded individuals.

The Classes are done in two ways: Private and Group Lessons.  Private lessons are 30 minutes long, and we recommend you get one private lesson per week.  Group Lessons are 45 minutes long. Click here for the schedule.

How does this program help my kids?

Kids these days face all kinds of challenges.  Some are not focused in class, some are out of control, some have different behavioral challenges,Kids Karate some don’t show a lot of confidence.  Our Martial Arts program addresses all of these issues in the following ways:

We make sure they focus by providing a structured environment, in which they develop physical and behavioral skills that can help them in the future.  They interact with our instructors, as well as with other students, in an microcosm full of rules and regulations.  They are praised for their accomplishments, as little as they may be, and disciplined for their misbehavior, while being encouraged in their capacity to achieve.  Their biggest accomplishments become real each time they test for a new belt, which clearly identifies a new level of achievement. And, as they grow older, these rules become embedded in their personality.

We also provide for the easy-to-achieve goals that drive them forward.  Whether it is a belt, a patch, or simply a new level in the class, students of the Martial Arts learn every day that their behavior brings about consequences, good or challenging.

Over time, these challenges bring about the best in your kids.  Several studies have supported these claims.  In fact, researchers outside of the Martial Arts, such as psychologists, behaviorists, and others, recommend the constant training in Martial Arts in order to create real change in your kids’ behavior, as well as teach them the leadership skills necessary for them to survive in the real world.

Finally, our curriculum involves your kids in learning self-defense, which is played out in different scenarios that are common in schools today.  Bullying situations happen more often than not, and parents are 70% more in the dark than they think.  The practice of Martial Arts at a young age will make sure your kids do not become aggressive.  On the contrary, we teach them the principles of respect towards others, as well as respect to your own body.  The more they practice, the more they realize their capacity to defend themselves and the responsibilities this brings.

The difference between academic schools and our school is clear: other schools focus on scholastics, while we focus on behavior, confidence, personality traits, and emotional balance.

What are the prices?

Prices vary depending on the number of times your child comes for class, and the length of the program.  The best way we can assess the price that will work for you is by having you try a free lesson.  This way, we can evaluate your child, and figure out which combination of classes will work best for him or her.  The ultimate price will vary depending on that.

How do we start?

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