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Board breaking is an interesting practice for people that are not accustomed to Martial Arts training. It almost seems insane to take your hands and feet and batter them against a piece of intimate wood that has not done anything to hurt you in the first place.
And indeed, it is not necessarily intelligent in paper. However, part of the training in the Martial Arts involves visualization. This simply means are you able to see past the target and visualize the result. Isn’t that a much more useful tool?. How much would you benefit in life if you would see exactly what you want every time?
And so, as practitioners of this ancient form of fighting, we like challenging ourselves to new levels in order to upgrade ourselves and our own lives, thus we visualize exactly as we want to see, our fists right on the other side of the board as it breaks into two. Constant practice develops stronger knuckles and joints, it builds confidence for the practitioner and develops power control. It does have its drawbacks as well. Constant practice can also lead to joint pain and executing a break improperly can and will injure you.
Board breaking is fun, entertaining, and useful when done properly; however, we should emphasize that going to your living room and trying to karate chop your coffee table to impress your friends from work is not a wise idea as they are usually made of more than 1 inch’s worth of plywood. Practice always with the supervision of a professional Martial Arts instructor.
United Studios of Self Defense gives out FREE Board breaking classes. Simply contact us at your earliest convenience and we will be happy to set one up for you.