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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a fun time of the year for kids but can be scary for parents who are worried about their children’s safety. Here are a 10 Safety Tips few to keep in mind during trick-o-treating.

  1. Never Trick-o-Treat Alone!
  2. Parents Should Accompany Kids To The Front Door Of A Strangers Home
  3. Always Remain Visible. Attach Glow Sticks, Reflective Tape Or Small Flashing Lights To Your Children’s Costumes 
  4. Never Eat Any Candy Until Parents Can Check It At Home
  5. Only Trick-o-Treat in Safe Neighborhoods. You Can Find These Neighborhoods On Sites Like Nextdoor.com
  6. Don’t Be Distracted! Stay Off of Electronic Devices While Walking But Especially While Crossing The Street.  
  7. Always Cross The Street At An Intersection That Is Well Lit
  8. Never Allow Kids To Step Inside A Strangers Home
  9. Popular Trick-O-Treating Hours Are Between 6-9pm. Be Alert While You Drive!
  10. Trick-o-Treat Early. It doesn’t have to be dark to start!