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As a Self Defense company, we are primarily interested in keeping people prepared and well informed on how to prevent attacks, whether they are verbal, or physical.  As parents, and educators, we feel it is our responsibility to teach people common sense ways to maintain the safety of your family.

We teach our children how to cross the street properly, how to not talk to strangers, take candy from someone you do not know, and even what to do in case of an earthquake (remember hiding under the desk at school? anyone?)  But do we teach them what to do if they find a weapon at our home, or for people who do not keep firearms, what they should do if they see a weapon somewhere else?

This might seem inconceivable to some, but these situations happen more often than not, and though we see many reports of the tens of thousands of deaths per year we sometimes miss the fact that a lot of these could be prevented by spreading information to our community.  This is why we would like to share with you our 5 best tips to keep in mind when handling a weapon.  A lot of these, if not all, you may have heard at some point or another, so we do not claim to be the creators of these rules, we just happen to use them ourselves.

  1. Always assume the weapon is loaded –  there is nothing worse than a gun going off without any warning.  If you assume the weapon is loaded you will treat it with much more respect than if it was not.
  2. Never point the weapon at anyone, including yourself – this seems self explanatory, but it has to do more with the point you hold the weapon and when it is pointed as you transport it.  As a general rule you should keep it pointing downwards.
  3. Never place your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire.  This goes along with looking at the target before firing as well.
  4. If dealing with someone pointing a weapon at you, remember, your life is worth much more than anything they want.
  5. Keep up on your knowledge of weapons – go to seminars, classes, and go shooting if you have a chance.  Plenty of professional places will give you pertinent information on how to use, and handle a weapon properly.

Speaking of continuing education – Click Here for information on our latest Gun Safety Seminar coming on February 10th, 2017.  These classes are completely FREE and will give you a good start up point on learning to use weapons.