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FAQS, Benefits and Testimonials

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The Martial Arts is a fun and enjoyable discipline that millions of people practice throught the world.  It is designed to build endurance, better your health, teach you to become more focused, disciplined, and to learn how to manage your emotions.  It also happens to be very foreign to people that have never practiced, and it can, at some times, be a little scary to try.  Therefore, we would like to provide a few questions and answers that typically come up when we work with our new prospects:

The Main Reasons to start your Martial Arts Training

1.  It is Fun! – Martial Arts are not your typical work out.  This kind of work out will change the way your body works.  You will get faster, stronger and much more flexible, all of this while learning Self Defense.

2.  For Self Defense – Plenty of people are worried that they will not be able to defend themselves should they run into trouble.  We do not think about our safety until it is compromised, that is why Martial Arts are so popular.  With United Studios you will learn Self Defense in a safe environment for the whole family.

3.  For Discipline – Wouldn’t you say that discipline is a factor in success? We would.  All successful people have some things in common, one of them is their ability to Focus and Discipline themselves.  In the Martial Arts, you guide your life by a code of conduct in which you will learn how to keep yourself focused on what is important in life.  Your instructor is dedicated into making you a better individual at all times.

4.  For Kids – Martial Arts has been largely proven to be an excellent source of Focus, Discipline, Respect, Self Control and other characteristics that are needed in today’s youth.

5.  For Health Reasons – Researches have found that the constant practice of Martial Arts provides better health, stress relief, great conditioning work outs, flexibility and overall, a much healthier self, regardless of age.



I think the Martial Arts are violent.  Actually, the Martial Arts are everything but violent.  It is sometimes hard to understand based on the fact that we do practice punches, blocks and kicks, and originally, the practice of Martial Arts was designated only for the warrior classes.  However, the practice of Martial Arts is used as a heavy work out, that challenges your mind and spirit.  Also, professional training, allows you to understand the better capabilities of your body, and often teach you more about how to best control your emotions and actions, while working out with others.  All the sparring, and practiced techniques the Martial Arts teach are perfomed in a supervised, controlled manner, in which both practicioners do not harm each other, but rather understand more about their capacibilities.

My kids are too unfocused to train.  The training of Martial Arts is actually done with the intention of creating Self Control in indiviuals, and to teach them how to focus better.  Our professional instructors are ready to cope with any situation that arises at our studio, and therefore, we do not expect any one of the kids to be perfect once they walk into the studio.  On the contrary, our lives are dedicated into making them the best they can be.


“This program is great.  I cannot believe I did not do this any sooner.  This has helped myself and my son tremendously.  Everybody should try it.”  Jose – Mission Viejo.

“Working with United Studios has been a great experience for me.  I am glad I chose to stay with them”  Arlyn – Irvine.

“I have been at United Studios for less than 6 months, and already my son’s teachers have been noticing a great improvement in his behavior.  Thanks to this program I can tell my son that if he does not behave I am going to tell Sensei.  You should see how he reacts afterwards.”  Brian – San Juan Capistrano

“When I started, I didn’t even think about getting a Black Belt.  I just wanted my son to discipline himself better.  Later on, I joined as well, and have never regretted it since.  Becoming a Black Belt, had nothing to do with hurting others, it was just about becoming more controlled, more focused, and much more calm.”  Maggie – Irvine

“I joined United Studios for stress relief, and I am totally convinced the program works.  It is much more than a work out, it is a lifestyle.” Holly – Las Vegas

“My instructor has been there for me since the beginning.  He would teach me whenever it worked for me.  I have three kids, and a horrible schedule, but he took time to teach me at 6am.  Thank you Sensei.”  Sharon – Thousand Oaks

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